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Quiz Systems   (our modular Quiz System)

2x Reacta  -  A fun Reaction Timing Game

2x Shure FP410 4 Channel Intellimix Mic Mixers

2x DigiCart II Plus Recorders (with 1x Remote)

1x Denon DN970A broadcast CD player

1x Icom/TechPro Walkie-Talkie Intercom Interface

1x Technics Pseudo Surround Sound Processor

4x Maintained Brass Exit Signs

2x 6ft Electro-Magnetic Kabuki Drops

4x Trilite 200 - TR J2 150 (150 degree) Junctions

2x Trilite 200 - TR J3 3-30 (30 degree 'T') Junctions

1x Trilite 200 Lectern

1x Olson multi-outlet Main Distribution System

>200ft of Archtectural Tubes c/w Modular Battens

>200ft of Custom High-Powered Mains Ropelight

jwp  Timeclip, Acusail, AV-8 and Stacker units

Assorted Custom Control Equipment and Cabling


With the notable exception of our Quiz Systems hardware, many of the items we have available for hire, are somewhat esoteric; they are the product of many years of the 'specials' required for events.


This list is also by no means exhaustive; things detailed here are simply the more popular pieces from the equipment and staging items we have at our disposal.


Feel free to call and discuss any item(s).