Quiz Systems   (our modular Quiz System)

3x Shure 410 4 channel Intellimix AutoMic Mixers

2x 360 Systems Instant Replay Audio Players

2x DigiCart II Plus Recorders (with remotes)

Denon DN970A broadcast CD player

3x Akai stereo MIDI Samplers

2x Behringer Audio Mixers

Roland V-1SDI HD-SDI Video Switcher/Mixer

Multiple Extron & Decimator Video interfaces

2x 16:9 7" Preview Monitors

5x 16:9 12" HDMI Desk Monitors & Stands

16x 4:3 12" VGA Monitors

7x 16:9 24" Asus HDMI Desk Monitors

2x Heavy Duty Monitor Floor Stands

2x Rehearsal Lecterns

Icom/TechPro Walkie-Talkie Intercom Interface

DMX Lighting Desk and 4 channel Dimmer

2x DecaBox MIDI to DMX Bridges

4x Maintained Brass Exit Signs

2x 6ft Electro-Magnetic Kabuki Drops

4x Trilite 200 - TR J2 150 (150 degree) Junctions

2x Trilite 200 - TR J3 3-30 (30 degree 'T') Junctions

1x Trilite 200 Lectern

1x Olson multi-outlet Main Distribution System

Assorted Custom Control Equipment and Cabling

Gazebo and Exterior Lighting (for location work)

With the notable exception of our Quiz Systems hardware, many of the items we have available for hire, are somewhat esoteric; they are the product of many years of the 'specials' required for events.

This list is also by no means exhaustive; things detailed here are simply the more popular pieces from the equipment and staging items we have at our disposal.

Feel free to call and discuss any item(s).